Texas AFCC Chapter History

2017 Chapter Activities

In attempts to keep our conferences in the first part of the year, we turned quickly around after our November 2016 conference, to put on our 2017 annual conference on April 7, 2017 at the Family Law Center in Fort Worth TX.  This conference was a workshop-style presentation by Ann Marie Termini, Ed.S, MS, LPC and Co-founder of The Cooperative Parenting Institute.  After hearing details on the impact and prevalence of divorced and separated parenting, we launched into a series of productive and practical role plays which opened our eyes to the variety of ways to bring parents to a better place for co-parenting their children.  Keep an eye out for more information on the upcoming annual conference in 2018 which will be in the Harris/Montgomery County area.

2016 Chapter Activities

On November 2nd -4th  at the Sheraton of Fort Worth , the Texas Chapter of AFCC joined with the Texas Association of Domestic Relations Offices (TADRO) to plan a 3-day conference with keynote speaker and renowned researcher, Dr. Leslie Drozd,  Ph.D speaking on “Understanding Gatekeeping, Alienation & Estrangement Issues in Devising Parenting Plans.”  Dr. Drozd provided an extraordinary amount of resources which can be accessed  under the “Resources” tab of this website. A social afterwards allowed us to mingle and network with like-minded professionals.  For the next two days, there were two tracks of excellent speakers including Supreme Court Justice of the State of Texas, Debra Lehrmann, and topics such as Infant Attachment, Parent Facilitation and Mediation.

2015 Chapter Activities

The board was energized with new board members who led the way in setting up a presentation at the Advanced Family Law Conference.  The event was well attended and we picked up some new members.  It is always heartening to know how many like-minded professionals are working towards improving outcomes for families in the family law system.

This year the annual conference moved to the Thompson Conference Center at the University of Texas in Austin on January 22, 2016. Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, Ph.D, and founder of The Child Trauma Academy presented “What Now? – Parenting Plans and Domestic Violence” in which he reviewed how trauma affects the development of a child’s brain as well as the psychological implications of a parent who commits violence or is a victim of violence. Several experts, including Judge Andy Hathcock, then followed up with a panel to discuss considerations in developing parenting plans when a child has witnessed violence between parents.

2014 Chapter Activities

The annual conference was  held on January 23, 2015  at the Family Law Center in Fort Worth TX. Dr. William Fabricius, Ph.D presented our keynote “It’s Toddler Time” in which he reviewed his research regarding infants and toddlers spending overnights away from their primary parent. Several follow up speakers presented both sides of the issue and a lively discussion on how to legislate standardized schedules for children of young age.

2013 Chapter Activities

This year we restored our annual conference with a full Board of Directors leading the way.  The conference was held at the North Richland Hills Centre in North Richland Hills, TX on September 19-20.  Pauline Tesler, JD and founder of the Integrative Law Institute, was the keynote speaker on “Neuro-Literacy: Connecting the Dots between Brain Science, Positive Psychology, Conflict Resolution and Healthy Co-Parenting.”  As the title indicates, there was a lot to cover.  Additional speakers on two tracks followed including topics on how the brain deals with addiction, effects of trauma on parenting, the new DSM-5, value of co-parenting education and how technology is changing family law.

2012 Chapter Activities

With several major changes to the Board of Directors and increasing interest in developing a strong foundation for future growth and development the Texas AFCC Board elected to dedicate a year to building. The Board of Directors met throughout the year to set goals and plans. Member surveys were used to help to determine changes to the organization that would strengthen the membership and provide services that were beneficial. New Board policies, a new website and a strengthened commitment to the chapter, the goals of AFCC and increasing membership, evolved from the meetings, the retreat and the information obtained from members.

2011 Chapter Activities

This year the Texas AFCC conference was held in Fort Worth at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law. The conference focused in on “Maximizing our Resources for Texas Families” and was a partnership with the Texas Association of Domestic Relations Offices Keynote speaker was Bill Eddy and there were numerous excellent presentations from around the state.

Due to several recent changes in membership of the board the Texas Chapter AFCC Executive and Board working in conjunction with the Leslye Hunter from the AFCC parent organization decided to set the upcoming year, 2012, as a restructuring and planning year. As such the Board voted to focus on improving membership, the website and member participation on committees for the following year.

2010 Chapter Activities

This year’s conference was in Houston and the topic featured was “Children Caught in the Conflict: a Multidisciplinary Perspective”. The partnership this conference was with the University of Houston Law Center Clinical Program. Dr. Nina Ricci, author of the Mom’s House, Dad’s House books was the keynote speaker.

Speakers from around the state were able to highlight how their professional services benefited the families that they serve.

2009 Chapter Activities

This year’s statewide Texas AFCC chapter conference focused in on “Interventions for Family Conflict with Unmarried Parents: What are the Policy, Legal and Societal Implications?”. The conference was the first partnering with the Texas Office of the Attorney General’s Access and Visitation program. It was held at the South Texas College of Law for the second year in a row. This partnership with the college provided benefits to the students as well as the Texas AFCC chapter and conference planning committee.

2008 Chapter Activities

2008 marked the 8th annual TX AFCC Chapter conference. This year the theme was “The Full Spectrum of Domestic Violence” What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.” The keynote speaker was Dr. Bruce Perry and it was held at the South Texas College of Law. This was the first year that the conference had been held on a campus and students were able to attend sessions free of charge.

The newsletter really expanded and provided many article on areas of interest to the professionals that are members of TX AFCC. Bill Eddy provided a very detailed summary of different types of issues in his contribution of “Evaluating Sexual Abuse Reports” as a supplement to the state conference.

Chapter bylaws were also amended to clarify the role of different members of the board.

2007 Chapter Activities

New bills on social studies, parenting plans and parenting coordination were introduced into the legislative session. Members were encouraged to stay informed on the bills and to contact their local representatives to provide information and education as professionals in the field.

The annual Texas AFCC conference in Austin was “Child Custody and Mental Health Professionals – Social Science on the Witness Stand”. The featured speakers were Dr. Jon Gould and Tim Tippins.

The Chapter website also had an upgrade and included a fully upgraded service referral directory. This list could be accessed by families or professionals seeking professional serves in the state. A policy on linking to the website was also developed and sent to members in the newsletter.

2006 Chapter Activities

During the year 2006 the AFCC Texas Chapter Newsletter began highlighting programs throughout the state. It featured information about the CAFÉ (Court Appointed Forensic Evaluators) program that originated in Denton County. Other newsletters  this year also provided great articles submitted by chapter members.

This year’s conference was held in Addison, Texas. The two keynote speakers were Dr. Joan Kelly and Dr. Chet Muklewicz.  Both presenters were highly interactive and very educational.

In addition the Texas AFCC chapter worked to defend criticism of the parenting coordination statute in the state. In working to educate other professionals about the benefits of parenting coordination the statute has been maintained but will be moved to the section of the Family Code providing remedies for high conflict families. As such it will be presented as one of the alternative dispute resolution procedures and therefore will allow Parenting Coordinators to have immunity from testimony.

2005 Chapter Activities

The 2005 AFCC Texas Chapter Conference, “Co-Parenting Solutions: Tools for Diffusing Conflict” was held in Houston at the Hotel Derek, September 30-October 1st. Featured speakers were Dr. Elizabeth Thayer and Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman, authors of “The Co-Parenting Survival Guide”.

The Service Models Project was completed and posted on the Texas Chapter website. This handy guide for members lists family services and resources throughout the State, and allows members to post their services.

The Texas Chapter website was completely redesigned for 2005, thanks to a generous donation from IWS Interactive.

The Board established the Texas Chapter Education Committee. The goal of the committee is to provide training specifically focused on issues pertaining to the work of those involved in helping families resolve conflict.

Finally, the Texas Chapter was instrumental in initiating and assisting in the passage of the Parenting Plan and Parenting Coordinator statute.

2004 Chapter Activities

The 2004 Annual AFCC Texas Chapter Conference, “Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Empower Families: Defining the Boundaries”, was held November 11-12, 2004, in Austin.

2003 Chapter Activities

The 2003 Annual AFCC Texas Chapter Conference, “High Conflict Families: Methods Founded in Theraputic Jurisprudence”, was held October 24-25, 2003, in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

2002 Chapter Activities

The 2002 Annual AFCC Texas Chapter Conference: “The Child’s Voice” was held September 2002 in DFW.

The Child’s Voice poll was conducted online and in person, and results were presented at the conference. Additionally, NewDay Services for Families and Children, and Children in the Middle Co-parenting Services, Inc. developed a video, The Children’s Voice, for the 2003 conference.

2001 Chapter Activities

The 2001 Annual AFCC Texas Chapter Conference: “Restructuring the Fractured Family” was held October 2001 in Houston.

Dedicated members of the Texas Chapter in the Gulf Coast Area put on a Domestic Violence Seminar in January 2001, co-sponsored with the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

Members in North Texas, Central Texas, and the Gulf Coast worked diligently during the 2001 legislative session monitoring the Texas legislature and laying a foundation for a future relationship between our elected officials and AFCC.